La Sirena

There is female energy throughout all forms, powerful energy, it is in the ocean that we swim in, the land that we tend to, the fruits that nourish us, it is all things created and creating. In Natalie’s mural “La Sirena”, the Siren and the Sea exist as one. “La Sirena” is 28’ x 14’ located in La Jolla, California.  



Natalie’s mural “Chooks” is painted on a 36’ x 14’ pre-fabricated shed at Melbourne Farmers Market’s Alphington location in Melbourne, Australia. The image she decided to paint represents our connection to earth and all of Her many offerings, inspired by Melbourne Farmers Market’s work in sustainable agriculture and community outreach.

chooks5web copy.jpg

Common Ground

Natalie’s mural “Common Ground” is 18’x18’ located at The Pannikin Coffee & Tea in La Jolla, California. The eye is watering the earth, nourishing the plants. Animals and creatures gather to this water source in harmony. To read more about it, see La Jolla Light’s article.

muralfinished6 copy.jpg
muralfinished1 copy.jpg

Bee The Change

“Bee The Change” is an interactive 7’ x 8’ mural created for “Sleepless San Diego”, a fundraiser to help with the homelessness in San Diego. The mural was completed at the event with the help of kids and teens.


Chalkboards & Signs

chalkboardsignfront copy.jpg
birdsign copy.jpg
treatsfromdeep copy.jpg
fishmuralexpanded copy.jpg