Natalie attended The School of Visual Arts in New York when she was 17, but as much as that city gave to her, her art did not start there. It started when she moved back to San Diego and landed herself in a local coffee shop that she has been a part of ever since. The response to her art within that community has helped guide her into becoming a full-time artist. She has also been fortunate enough to find a wonderful home, with an amazing garden, in that garden she built an art studio overlooking the canyon. Her environment and community is constantly inspiring her.

"In my paintings, I include elements of the natural world because this is the world that I feel connected to. I choose to show humans or animals in harmony with nature, as part of nature. A reminder that we are of this earth.  That we actually work in the same ways as many other non-humans. We too pollinate, reproduce, and expire. We too need sunlight and oxygen, and water."

Health is something that Natalie strives for, but not just in the typical sense, in the holistic sense. She knows that humans are a reflection of the earth and by nurturing earth, we are nurturing ourselves. She hopes that people can stay still with her art and take a moment to breath. To think about the value of the natural world and our connection to it. 

When Natalie's not painting, you can find her in the kitchen, cooking everything from scratch for the frequent dinner parties she throws. Or hiking in the Canyon behind her home, or planning her next trip to keep filling her mind and body with what the world has to offer.