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Natalie's desire for a studio was not exactly usual. She did not long for a space to shut herself off from the world and focus, but rather to immerse herself in nature, specifically in the garden of her home overlooking Tecolote or "Owl" Canyon in California. She envisioned a place where her collections of ornate frames, artifacts gathered from her travels, etc., could live together. A place where vines could grow all around or even inside (see image above). Her budget was minimal so the studio was built using mostly reclaimed materials, pallets rest on bricks, making up the foundation, found fence boards create the "wood floor", and metal studs hold it all together. An antique wall of windows looks into her meticulously cared for garden while a large window across peeks into the canyon. With this, she waits, and she paints, guiding the hummingbirds out, waiting for the spiders to catch the occasional bee, and vacuuming up tiny mouse droppings.